Have you imagine this much wide collection of water bottles? A wow range water bottles are looking very impressive in look and tempting to own those. Generally we saw a traditional round water bottle in our daily life. There are numerous range of water bottles in market which will sure capture our attention and its sylish look temp us to buy it.  

Some water bottles range given below :

Sipper bottle : Available in Aluminium and Stainless steel

Sport water bottle : It is an india made ''Varmora'' brand bottle which build with strong body

Infuse water bottle: This bottle has dual usage with regular water bottle and also we can make this as juier

Pills water bottle: This is also has dual properties contains 7 storage pockets in which we can store medicated pills in daliy vise. Contains 7 pockets indicating weekdays names on it. This cap will be usefull as drining cup also

Note book water bottle : Stylish in look and occupies short place. Instead of regular round water bottle you can put this bottle directly in your bags between your books or belongings. Leafpoof body with stylish finish enhances your usage. 

Container water bottle: This is a flat water bottle contains a storage container in its right side in which you can store pills, pens and other stuff.

Spray water bottle: It is a water bottle having spray facility by which you can refresh in your sport time. By which you can spray water on your face to refresh. 

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